Custom cutting

For certain sheets and profiles, we enable purchase of custom cut formats and lengths. Those products are appropriately marked. When you are selecting format or length, you will be able to enter your own desired format or length.



  • Format entry for sheets is in mm
  • The smallest possible format is 200 mm x 200 mm.
  • Sheets: only rectangular shapes are cut.


  • Length entry for profiles is in mm.
  • The shortest possible length is 100 mm for straight cut of the profile and 400 mm for cut at an angle.

Custom cut goods are exempted from any right of return or order cancellation


Custom cutting prices:


  • The price for one piece of custom cut sheet is calculated directly from the price of the material (for m2). The material, which is being cut, has already a bit higher price, due to the remainders, which can not be further used or sold.
  • For now, our online store does not support purchase of custom cut sheets together with remainders, but if you contact us at, we will try our best to meet your requests.


  • The price for one piece of cut profile is calculated from the price, given for one meter of the material (m1), proportionately to chosen length.

In addition to the price of the material itself, there is a one-time flat rate charge for a custom cut:

  • a basic fee of €2.00 for the cutting order
  • a cutting fee for sheets: 1,00€ per piece cut to size
  • a cutting fee for A-S (Alu-Sign) profiles of €0,30 per piece cut to size
  • a cutting fee for other profiles of €0,60 per piece cut to size
  • for large quantities please send us your request at

When ordering material that have structured or textured surfaces (e.g. DIBOND Butlerfinish, Eloxal, Structure), please inform us as to which direction the grain should be running. If no such information is supplied, the direction of the grain will not be considered when the cutting work is done. The amount of kerf loss (wastage) due to sawing is about 4,4 mm per cut (caused by the width of the saw blade).

Custom cutting tolerances:


Tolerance is ± 1 mm/m. In the few cases where cutting by hand is necessary, tolerances up to 2 mm can occur. Right angularity tolerance is ± 1 mm/m. Please note: Right angularity and dimensional accuracy failures can be cumulative.

When cutting profiles tolerance is ± 1 mm/m.

Delivery time for orders which include custom cut:
Delivery time for orders, which contain products that are customized, can be prolonged for approximately one working day.




For most vinyl’s we offer the option of purchase by metre, with a minimum order quantity of 1 metre.

When the vinyl is purchased by meter, we charge a rewinding fee.


The cost for rewinding per each vinyl is 1,00€.


Cancellation or returning of the order in such case is not possible.